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Aleksandar Curic

Market Strategist

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Aleksandar’s curiosity in trading began while studying Economics at the University of North Dakota.  Ahead of becoming a Market Strategist for RJO, he directed his own independent account learning different methodologies and trader processes to further his edge before finally turning his full-time focus to the futures market.

Sector Focus

Aleksandar specializes in trading the financial markets including: currencies, stock indices, energies, and metals.

Analysis Preference

Aleksandar relies on a blend of technical and fundamental analysis. He tends to use the data from the charts short-term to anticipate future price movements while recognizing true fundamental analysis is done on a much larger scale while still utilizing technicals for managing risk and entry/exits.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Aleksandar believes that a mix of knowledge, discipline, and hard work is key to understanding different market circumstances in order to tailor the needs of different clients. He prides himself in being able to develop a custom strategy and implementing it swiftly in all market conditions.

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