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Steve Sylas

Market Stategist

800-826-1120 312-373-4655 Series 3 Licensed

Steve has been passionate about and following the financial markets for 10 years. He attended the University of Indianapolis where he studied financial economics and began following the markets more diligently on a daily basis. He began his career brokering freight and trading his personal account and developed a reputation in the retail trading community for solid rules-based trading and unique market perspective. He is now focused on bringing that perspective to clients at RJO Futures.

Sector Focus

Energy, Treasuries, and Metals

Analysis Preference

Steve leans into fundamental analysis for idea generation which leads into technical analysis for a case by case trade plan. He utilizes a strict rules-based trading approach utilizing supply and demand factors alongside exponential moving averages, open interest and volume.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Steve believes in employing a strict rules-based trading approach utilizing both statistical science and fundamentals. He believes in being selective about the trades he enters by only considering positions with significant upside compared to downside potential, tailoring his approach to the risk tolerance and goals of his clients

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