S&P Succumbing to Range Before Debate, Election

September 26, 2016 3:14AM CDT

While the past couple weeks' uptrend remains arguably intact as long as the market sustain levels above 21-Sep's 2126 minor corrective low and short-term risk parameter, it has obviously thus far rejected the upper recesses of the past month's range.  Its return to the middle-half of this range may leave it prone to the whims of aimless whipsaw risk common to such range-center conditions.

The 240-min chart below also shows the former 2144-area resistance as a new support candidate, perhaps reinforced further by the fact that this level is also the 38.2% retrace of Sep's 2100 - 2173-rally.  Nonetheless the market's relapse the past two days defines Thur's 2173 high as one of developing importance and as much a short-term risk parameter from which non-bullish decisions can be objectively based and managed as that 2126 low is one from which bullish decisions can be based and managed.  Welcome to "life in the range".

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The daily log scale active-continuation chart below shows that the 2145-area cited above is also the exact center of the 2192 - 2100-range that has constrained it for the past two months.  Such range-center conditions are notoriously challenging as the odds of aimless whipsaw risk are highest and the risk/reward merits of initiating directional exposure are the poorest.  We can envision a (C-Wave) return to the extreme lower recesses of this range as easily as a rebound from the current range center as part of a continuation of a trendy, impulsive sequence up from 12-Sep's 2100 low.  Under such uncertain circumstances a more conservative approach to risk assumption of urged.

Needless to say tonight's Presidential debate and the actual election five weeks from now are prime candidates as factors contributing to a bloody mess of a trading range.

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From a long-term perspective the market's Jul'16 break above the prior YEAR'S resistance between 2105 and 2134 reinstates the secular bull market.  This is a technical fact that also defines 27-Jun's 1981 corrective low as THE key long-term risk parameter this market needs to fail below break the major bull.  As we've discussed at length, the now-former 2105-to-2134-range resistance is considered new support.  Thus far the market has proven this out by recovering nicely from 12-Sep's 2100 low that serves as our key risk parameter from which long-term players remain advised to rebase and manage this risk of a bullish policy.

In sum and as a result of the past couple days' relapse from the upper recesses of the 2-month range, further aimless whipsaw behavior typical of such range-bound conditions should not surprise.  This is a challenging construct for shorter-term traders with tighter risk profiles that are advised to simply move to the sidelines and avoid the chop as the risk/reward merits of directional exposure are poor.  If you must trade here however, 21-Sep's 2126 low serves as the tightest and best risk parameter to a cautious bullish play while Thur's 2173 high serves as a tight but effective risk parameter to any cautious bearish punts.

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