March Bonds finished up 0-200 at 151-140, 0-170 off the high and 0-960 up from the low.

March 10 Yr Treasury Notes closed up 0-297 at 124-750. This was 0-406 up from the low and 0-156 off the high.

While weakness in equities wasn’t severe, deterioration in macroeconomic optimism due to this week’s political events seems to have evoked a measure of technical short covering and perhaps a measure of fresh outright buying of Treasuries. The bounce in US treasuries at the end of this week was accompanied by recoveries in international bond markets, which in turn probably highlights a return of safe haven funds. Limiting the treasuries on the upside today was a 0.6% gain in leading indicators, but it was not uncommon for US financial markets in the last two trading sessions of this week to trade in direct conflict with standard fundamental developments.

Hightower Report