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The CME launched micro e-mini futures contracts last month and the new contract wasted no time in sky-rocketing up the charts. According to the CME, we saw roughly 11.25 million micro E-mini futures contracts traded in the month of May, making it the most successful new product in the history of the CME. Micro E-mini futures contracts were traded in 130 countries at an average volume of 511,000 contracts per day. According to the CME, micro e-mini contracts accounted for 13% of total volume traded before the U.S. cash open showcasing the liquidity of this new contract.

Micro E-mini contracts are traded at 1/10th the size of a normal e-mini contract making it much more accessible to small time traders and an option to a much larger scale people. Micro e-mini contracts can help diversify your trading strategy and can bring a new element to your trading strategy. If you are curious about Micro E-mini futures or want to learn how to trade them, please contacts a broker and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Micro E-mini Cumulative Volume Since Launch (Source: CME Group)

Micro E-mini contract volume


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