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December S&P finished up 4.7 at 2548.5, 3 off the high and 5.2 up from the low.
December S&P E-Mini closed up 4.75 at 2548.5. This was 5.75 up from the low and 4.75 off the high.


While several measures forged a fresh new all-time highs again today, the reversal action from those highs had to erode bullish confidence somewhat. The potential for a Catalonia independence result, further proxy war uncertainty at Procter & Gamble and slightly soft third tier US scheduled data might have prompted some investors to bank profits. However, the bull camp should be cheered by rather lofty Walmart online sales projections for the coming two years and it is also likely that energy shares will remain underpinned as a result of this week’s price action.

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