Introduction to Managed Futures

What are Managed Futures?

Managed Futures are professionally managed investments that offer participation in the global commodity, currency and financial markets.

2008’s market meltdown demonstrated the limits to building investment portfolios solely from equities and bonds. Investors should build portfolios that balance financial assets with real assets.

Managed Futures are a natural fit for equity and bond portfolios because they provide sources of returns that are uniquely different from traditional stocks and bonds. Investors prefer to use Commodity Trading Advisors because they offer a practical venue for participating in the global futures markets by tapping into the expertise and knowledge of a professional money manager.

Learn how the use of Managed Futures:

  • Provides direct exposure to the global financial, foreign exchange and commodity markets
  • Offers a means to gain exposure to risk and return patterns not easily accessible to investments in the stock and bond markets
  • Can potentially perform in different economic environments
    • Inflationary / Deflationary
    • Bull / Bear Markets

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