Micro Bitcoin Investor Kit

Bitcoin is on an unprecedented run and is at the forefront of the trend in cryptocurrency and as a response, the CME has released a micro Bitcoin futures contract that is 1/10th the size of a regular Bitcoin futures contract. As Bitcoin becomes more and more popular and gets recognized as a legitimate global currency, it’s important to learn everything about it. RJO Futures has created this Micro Bitcoin Investor Kit to help you learn how to take advantage of the opportunities in the market right now. We are still early in the game, but it’s important to get involved while the opportunity is still ripe for the taking.

In this kit you will find:

  • A detailed fundamental and technical outlook on Bitcoin futures
  • A comprehensive outline of the market mechanics that move the micro Bitcoin futures contract
  • Historical charts and analysis that cover where bitcoin has been and where we think it could go
  • Actionable trading strategies to implement on a micro Bitcoin futures contract

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