Special Report: Inflation, How Much is Too Much?

What’s in the report?

We are more than a year into this and inflation is still running rampant across the global economy. Seemingly everything under the sun is getting more expensive from groceries, to lumber, to oil, and everything in between. As recently as October 2021, we saw a 30-year high in CPI increase at 6.2%. Many had thought inflation peaked in May, but this appears to be an increasing trend creating lasting impact. The Fed just recently changed their tune and admitted they no longer believe inflation is transitory, but what exactly does that mean? Will they raise interest rates in 2023?

This RJO Futures Special report will inform you on what is causing this inflation, how it’s impacting the markets, and whether our analysts view it as a long-term or temporary issue. Our analysts also identify some strategies to use to help protect yourself against inflation.

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