Trading Currency Futures

Learn to Trade Currency Futures with RJO Futures

Request your FREE copy of Trading Currency Futures, a practical resource for demystifying currency futures. We will show you how to navigate this complex world, with easy to follow content and graphic illustrations, drawn from our many years of trading experience. We explain:

  • The origins and evolution of currency futures.
  • How to be ‘long’ and ‘short’ on a contract.
  • The ways that Volume and Open Interest measures, plus Price, reveal the strength of trends.
  • How the standardization of currency futures contracts has created a highly liquid, organized market.
  • The importance and use of margin and leverage.
  • That hedging and speculating are the major drivers of trader activity.
  • The importance and techniques of risk management.
  • Why currency futures trading is a prime opportunity for technical momentum strategies.

We are committed to helping our clients learn how to become effective and successful traders.

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The currency market has no restrictions on short selling which allows you to enjoy trading opportunities during any market condition around the clock. The actively traded currency pairs are some of the most liquid markets in the world with leverage up to 50:1. At RJO Futures, you will find the same standard of business that we are known for in the futures industry while trading in the Forex markets.

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