Bill Dixon

Senior Market Strategist

16 years of service

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800-669-5354 312-373-5342 Series 3 Licensed

Bill began his career working with a firm of technical commodity traders specializing in the treasury and metal markets. In 2006 he moved over to Lind-Waldock as a broker. Bill joined RJO Futures in 2011.

Sector Focus

Metals, Energy, Currencies, Equity Indices, Interest Rates, Agriculture

Analysis Preference

While Bill's background emphasizes technical analysis, he believes that it is very important not to ignore the fundamentals. He uses the fundamentals to develop an overall bias on the direction of the market for long- and short-term trading strategies. From there, he analyzes the charts to determine exactly which approach will provide his clients with a disciplined strategy that allows them to attain their goals, but will not exceed their risk tolerance.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Bill is well-versed in numerous strategies involving futures, options on futures and methods that employ a combination of the two. He feels this works to his clients' advantage because there is no perfect system, and some trades tend to have a higher probability of success under certain circumstances than others. In his opinion, it is important to have a disciplined plan in place, but also be able to adapt in order to take advantage of a shift in market conditions.