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Founded on the solid reputation of R.J. O’Brien, RJO Futures aims to take that reputation and bring it to the individual client. As a Chicago based futures brokerage, we serve those individuals trading the global futures markets of commodity and financial futures and options on futures. We work hand in hand with our clients using our Learn, Discuss, Trade philosophy to provide a unique and exceptional experience.

LEARN About Futures Trading

RJO Futures BrochureThrough our team of futures brokers and our various trading services such as full-service, self-directed, and managed futures, we support our clients with tools to learn the most about the futures industry and futures trading. We provide educational content in various forms of guides, webinars, third-party research and futures market commentary to further engage and expand our client’s grasp on the markets. We want clients to have the knowledge and ability to navigate the futures market properly and make wise decisions with their investment.

DISCUSS the Futures Markets

At RJO Futures, we build solid working relationships with our clients through strong customer service and personable brokers to openly discuss and manage trading risk. We understand that every commodities trader has unique needs, goals and experience. By opening a dialog with our commodity brokers you’ll explore together the various options and tools available that best meet your trading needs.

TRADE with a Futures Trading Account

As you may have guessed, trading is also a large focus of the RJO client experience. We want our clients to experience ease and comfort when they trade the futures markets, whether it’s managing account activity, executing an online trade, or chart a favorite market, they will have choices from our own proprietary trading platforms or from several of our third-party providers. An RJO Futures client is never alone when trading futures, the experience and knowledge our brokers and support team carry are always with them.

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