Bob Haberkorn

Senior Market Strategist

19 years of service

Open Account
800-826-1120 312-373-5096 Series 3 Licensed

Follow Bob on Twitter @Bob_Haberkorn. Bob started his career in 2005 as a broker with Lind-Waldock. He is often quoted in industry sources, such as the Wall Street Journal in regards to precious metals and the copper market.

Sector Focus

Energy, Metals, Agriculture, Currencies, Equity Indices, Crypto

Analysis Preference

Bob uses a variety of technical analysis depending on the time frame his clients are looking at being in the trade. For short-term trades his preferred method is Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) with the Relative Strength Index (RSI). For longer-term and option trades he utilizes support and resistance along with volume and open interest.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Commodity trading presents many challenges to both the experienced and novice trader. Bob looks to employ his experience and knowledge of the markets to help his clients accomplish their goals.

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