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Michael Sabo

Senior Market Strategist

800-367-7290 312-373-5248 Series 3 Licensed

Michael was past president and co-founder of United Futures Trading Company, Inc., as well as Investment Analysis Group, Inc. In 2006, Michael joined Lind-Waldock as a senior market strategist. He joined RJO Futures in 2011.

Sector Focus

Meats, grains, currencies, energies, interest rates, metals, softs, stock indexes including options and spreads.

Analysis Preference

Michael starts by looking at the fundamentals to try and identify the "big picture" then he drills down into the market using technical analysis to help clients identify entry and exit points, potential support and resistance levels and key retracement areas. He will also focus on understanding the "mass psychology" of many trending markets that cannot be easily explained with fundamental or technical analysis.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Most of Michael's strategies focus on risk management. He believes the key to being successful in any speculative investment is understanding and employing proper risk-management techniques. Every trader knows that at times they will be wrong about their market expectations. With the various RJO Futures services, Michael helps a client choose a service that will best meet their trading needs. He works with a full range of clients from beginners who are new to trading to experienced full-time traders.

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