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Inflation Outlook (Update) 3/22/2023:  Current Headline Y/Y CPI = 6.00% ; Current Headline Y/Y PPI 4.6%

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Initial Cattle Crush Losing Mo within Major Peak/Reversal Process

Waves, Slowing Momentum Warn of Interim Crude Oil Bottom

T-Notes Confirm Major Base/Correction/Reversal Count; Bunds Next?

Gold Resurrects Major Bull, But Beware “Up Here”

Is That It for the Secular Bull Market in Cattle?

Navigating Intra-Corrective-Range Nat Gas

SOFR Resumes Initial Base/Reversal Salvo

Top in Meal?

Suspected Initial SOFR Spike May Have Run Course

T-Notes, Bunds Confirm Broader Base/Correction/Reversal Counts

S&P Relapse Chalks Up Early-Mar Pop as Corrective, Resurrects Downside Threat

Cautious But Favorable R/R Bullish T-Note Punt to Engage Payroll Report

Top in Cocoa?

Momentum, Waves, Sentiment Conspire on Favorable Risk/Reward Hog Buy

Chi, Matif Wheat Reaffirm Major Bear Trends, Define New S-T Risk Levels

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