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S&P Resilience Makes for Happy Thanksgiving, But L-T Bear Still Intact

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Nat Gas Reaffirms (Suspected) Corrective Recovery, Defines New Interim Bull Risk Levels

Matif Wheat Reinforces Intra-Range Consolidation, Defines New Risk Levels

Flagging Crude Oil Defines New S-T Bear Risk, Sights Pivotal Sep Low

Bunds Join Major Base/Reversal Club

Mo Failure Near Range Cap, Extreme Bullishness Threaten Bean Oil Bull; Get Out

T-Note Base/Reversal Threat Could be Major

S-T Soybean Failure Tilts Correction-vs-Reversal Debate Lower

Beware Relapse in Broader Cotton Base/Recovery Count

Last Week in Review:

Technical Trifecta Warns of Major Japanese Yen Bottom

S&P Nullifies S-T Mo Failure, Resurrects Recovery

Meal Mo Failure Resurrects Major Peak/Reversal Threat

Good Month for Cocoa Futures

S-T Mo Failure Insufficient to End RBOB Correction, But Beware

Base Bull/Bear Corn Hedge Strategies Around this $0.35-Cent Range

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