Desktop Futures Demo Request

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A futures trading demo account is your opportunity to access an exclusive and sophisticated online trading platform like no other with integrated tools to seamlessly trade and monitor the markets. Traders can easily view market activity, place orders, and track orders and positions. And, it’s Free to RJO Futures Clients, but you can demo it free today!

What are the Features of a Demo Account

  • Free 100K simulated futures trading demo account with live market data & execution
  • No risk of losing capital since you are not using real money. Great for practice and gaining experience
  • Click N’ Trade – one click trading from charts, price ladder (DOM) & order ticket screens
  • Click N’ Drag – cancel/replace orders without typing
  • OCO orders with GTC capability
  • Alerts based on price, study, or time can trigger order placement
  • Options window with options calculator and ‘what if’ scenarios
  • DOM Trader (price ladder)
  • Major chart studies – moving averages, volume & open interest, RSI, Oscillator, DMI, etc.
  • And more!

What is The Best Demo Account for Me?

The best demo trading account for an individual varies on their experience and knowledge of the futures market and how futures trading works. Luckily, RJO Futures can help you determine determine your skill level. Our How to Choose a Futures Trading Platform page can help you determine what type of account best suits you with just a click of the mouse!

How Do I Get Started and Trade with a Demo Account?

Once you request your free RJO Futures demo account you will have free access for 2-weeks. First you will want to start following the latest movements in the markets you want to trade. You will also want to start studying charts and historic patterns and begin to formulate a futures trading strategy. Once you have a strategy in place you can then start trading. Remember, you are not using real money with a demo account so there is no risk involved. However, you also don’t have any potential to make money either. A demo account is a great way to practice and hone your skills until you’re ready to step up into the big leagues.

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