Dan Pavilonis

Senior Market Strategist

16 years of service

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800-826-1120 312-373-5339 Series 3 Licensed

Daniel started his career as a broker with Lind-Waldock in 2007. He is well diversified in the markets with the indexes and currencies being his favorites. Daniel can often be found quoted in industry sources, such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones Newswires, WSJ and Futures magazine.

Sector Focus

Metals, Interest Rates, Currencies, Energies

Analysis Preference

Daniel considers both fundamentals and technicals. He gauges appropriate entry and exit levels once a technical pattern has developed.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Daniel will consult one-on-one to build a strategy based on experience, trading style and risk tolerance. He is a strong believer in disciplined trading and encourages strict adherence to this philosophy in order to optimize any market potential. Daniel is committed to helping clients towards the goal of the accumulation of account value and providing excellent service.

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