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Tyler Herrmann

Senior Market Strategist

800-826-2270 312-373-5099 Series 3 Licensed

Tyler attended Kansas State University where he majored in Agricultural Economics. He started his career in the futures industry with an IB in North East Kansas where he worked with farmers and cattleman to hedge their risk in the market and protect profits with a variety of futures and options strategies. Most recently Tyler has joined RJO Futures as a market strategist.

Sector Focus

Grains, Livestock, Energies, Softs, Stock Indices

Analysis Preference

Tyler likes to focus on fundamentals and pivot points when concentrating on longer term trade ideas and technical analysis for when shorter term trade opportunities become present. He enjoys analyzing the markets by utilizing candlestick charts with market volume, stochastic measurements, and moving averages.

Strengths and Trading Philosophy

Tyler prides himself on tailoring trade suggestions to fit a client’s specific trading style and risk tolerance. Seeing how important effective capital management is to trading, he is a firm believer in having clear profit and risk parameters in place to reduce emotions in trading.

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