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Jul Nat Gas Arrests Suspected Correction, Re-Exposes Major Bear

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Platinum Joins Rest of Metals Sector in Peak/Reversal Threat

Cocoa Reaffirms Secular Bull, Identifies New Risk Levels

Hogs Confirms Mid-May Pop Corrective, Reaffirms Major Bear

Nat Gas Reaffirms Base/Consolidation Environment

SOFR Mo Failure Defers Major Base/Reversal Process

Yen Relapse Reinforces Broader Corrective Count Lower

S-T Gold Failure Could Have L-T Implications

S-T Sterling Failure Could Have L-T Implications

Copper Confirms 2023 Topping Process, Exposes Protracted Losses

Euro Bull Looking Tired, Vulnerable; Beware Potentially Broader Top

S-T T-Note, SOFR Failures Perpetuate Consolidations

Premature to Conclude Broader S&P Top from S-T Mo Failure, But Beware

Continued, If Labored, Sterling Gains Reaffirm Major Reversal, Define New Bull Risk Levels

Beware Broader Bearish Wrinkle to Crude Oil

Corn On Verge of Confirming Multi-Quarter Peak/Reversal Count

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