Introduction to Spread Trading

The Basics of Futures Spread Trading

Go off the beaten path. Learn the basics of trading spreads, which can conserve capital and provide a steady way to participate in the markets. Learn about every from intermarket and intercommodity spreads to intracrop spreads. It’s all here!

Learn from the Experts at RJO Futures

This complimentary guide from RJO Futures takes the mystery out of spread trading. You’ll quickly learn the lingo and get pointed in the right direction.

Learn the basics of Spread Trading:

  • Getting Started with Spread Trading
  • What Is Spread Trading?
  • Why Trade Spreads?
  • Calculating Spread Profits & Losses
  • Types of Spreads
  • Charting Spreads
  • To Spread or Not to Spread?
  • Additional Spread Resources

This guide is perfect for traders who like to minimize risk and appreciate the slow and steady approach.

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