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Learn the Art of Timing in Futures Trading

Do you ever have questions about when the right time to enter or exit a market is? Do you ever wonder what the signs or trends are that can help you identify these moments well in advance? In futures trading, timing is everything, and with the Technical Analysis Trading guide from RJO Futures, our experts will give you the tools you need to make educated decisions on your trading strategy.

30 Technical Analysis Trading Tips

Our FREE guide is jammed packed with tips and advice from our futures brokers – it’s almost like they are sitting next to you! We cover it all:

  • Chart patterns
  • Trendlines
  • 10 Candlesticks
  • MACD
  • Stochastics
  • And more!

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Lessons to take your technical analysis trading to the next level

Don’t waste another minute guessing – join the thousands who have boosted their futures trading edge with RJO Futures!

Identify Trends
Scope out pricing patterns as they happen, then position yourself for your next trade.
Decipher Charts
Use all the tricks — Candlesticks, lines, bars — of the trade wisely.
Time Trades
Plan when to get in and out ahead of time based on goals, not emotion.
Track Trendlines
Chart out where the market may move next and create a solid plan.
Trade Emotionlessly
Rely on proven, mathematical tactics instead of moment-to-moment swings.
Find Resources
Get in the know with trading education and charting resources used by the pros.
Plan Ahead
Create a plan based on charting patterns, algorithms, and your newfound knowledge of technical analysis.
Understand Reversals
Be prepared for when a market makes a big move.

Technical Analysis Chart Patterns