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RJO Futures is committed to providing you with insightful and timely trading opportunities in the commodity markets. For over 100 years we have played an instrumental role in educating clients on how futures and options work. Our Investor Kits are built on that tradition – they are designed to give you a solid understanding of how the markets work, where we see the opportunities and the trading strategies to take advantage of those opportunities. Market conditions can change quickly and being able to understand the current fundamental and technical chart patterns influencing the markets direction is vital to a trader’s success. Request your Investor Kit today and let us help you take your trading to a new level.

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Have you ever wanted to trade the grain markets but didn’t know where to start?  Are you looking for a more informed and disciplined approach to up your trading game?  Then this Investor kit is for you!  In this comprehensive kit you will find everything you need to help you navigate these exciting and potentially lucrative grain markets.  Learn what trading strategy to use based on current market setups and how to implement them for maximum gain while using effective risk management tools.

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Metals futures are currently one of the hottest commodities in the futures markets. This investor kit will help you understand why metals are being traded so frequently and help you developt a strategy to get in on the action! This kit is complete with a detailed outline on each metal market and gives you actionable trading strategies you can use to take advantage of the great opportunities that exist right now! Whether you are a new or experienced trader, this kit is for you.

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Energy is something that has been traded and used since the dawn of man and is continually used by billions around the world today. We have assembled this kit with goal of informing you how to make money off these precious commodities. The Energy Investor Kit is complete with detailed fundamental and technical analysis on the energy sector and will teach you how to navigate these ever important and potentially lucrative markets.