Orion Multi-Trader is a high-performance, multi-asset platform for sophisticated investors. Powerful analysis and trading tools enable the design, execution, and management of automated order strategies with ease. Sharpen your trading skills with the simulated trading environment — or build your own proprietary trading system. All this power – backed by the customer support and service of RJO Futures.

Orion Multi-Trader Key Feature

  • Monitor the markets effortlessly. Plot your favorite technical indicators with Orion MT’s advanced charts. Track all the markets with real-time streaming quotes.
  • Intuitive trade execution. Easy order management directly from Charts, Price Ladder or Quotes. Fast 1-click strategy trading.
  • Powerful order types. Trailing stops. Smart trailing stops. Break-outs. Conditional Orders: OCO’s, OTO’s, OTM’s. And many more!
  • Comprehensive reporting. Our reports allow you to track your portfolio accurately and in real time. No guesswork required.
  • Powerful analysis tools. Our portfolio analysis tools let you stay on top of your risk. Powerful option analysis and trading tools.
  • Key market information. Research. News. Be an informed trader.
  • Automated trading. Design, execute and manage automated order strategies with ease. No programming required.
  • Simulated trading. Sharpen your trading skills with our simulated trading environment.
  • Custom Solutions. API Interface. Build your own proprietary trading system. Or ask us how we can help build your system.

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