Futures trading can seem overwhelming at first. Most people who are interested want to know if there is a way to predict futures prices. There are a number of factors that influence market prices, so it is impossible to make 100% accurate predictions. However, one way that can help you in your trading decisions is chart analysis of historical chart patterns.

Technical analysis studies the effect of the movement itself. Those who best understand this process know the markets trend, and by charting prices over time you can manage your risk and get the most you possibly can out of your investment. So, whether it’s crude oil charts or a soybeans price chart, study the market movement to better understand the market.

At RJO Futures, we want to help you with your investments every step of the way. Spend some time browsing these charts and read up-to date RJO FuturesCast commentary. Then when you are ready to look into our trading services, you will be better informed and ready to make the right investment decision that will benefit you now and well into the future.


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