Independent Trader is designed for automated or semi-automated system traders who want to execute signals generated in their preferred platform at RJO Futures, often with no coding required. With unparalleled performance and multiple account support, Independent Trader is used by professional traders, CTAs and fund managers who value speed, stability and flexibility.

Independent Trader Platform Key Features

  • Eliminates redundant exchange data fees
  • Integrated Strategy and Live Position simplifies monitoring
  • One-click alignment of strategy and live positions
  • Signal-specific limit order fill handling
  • Intelligent automation eliminates duplicate orders caused by strategy/chart reloads
  • Rich, Fully Customizable User Interface
  • Capable of processing more than 1,000 orders per second and over 4 million messages per second, Independent Trader operates smoothly even during news and session opens/closes
  • Millisecond timestamps throughout the platform, including DOM

Integration options include SMTP alert capture for simple zero-code integration, as well as both .NET and COM APIs for maximum flexibility and control. Open source platform-specific wrapper functions and tools ensure that your orders are handled exactly the way you want them to be.

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