Check out our listing and registrations of upcoming live webinars, as well as archived recorded webinars. The RJO Futures webinars will guide you through the trading process from starting out to strategies to managing risk.

Archived Webinars

A comprehensive introduction to Managed Futures, what it can do for your financial portfolio, and what to look for in a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Learn how to utilize Managed Futures to protect your investments.

  • What are Managed Futures
  • Optimizing your portfolio
  • The Tangible Benefits – Regulated, Transparent, and Liquid
  • Finding the right CTA for you

Whether you are a discretionary or systematic trader or a combination of both, join this webinar to learn how traders use software to automate trades or visualize and place orders off the chart. Manage results and your strategies by performing Monte Carlo reporting. This live webinar will conclude with a helpful question and answer session.

  • Trading from the Chart
  • Analyzing your trading strategies and account with Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Semi Automated Trading tools

Trade Navigator has Visual Order entry trading right from the charts so you can pick the times and prices to place your orders. For times when you may not be at your PC, there is a complete trade management system equipped with Semi and Fully automated trading with fast execution. You can then improve your strategy results and money management using Monte Carlo reporting.

RJO Futures introduces Bell Curve Trading, an independent research firm that has been covering the major equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets for over 20 years. Bell Curve uniquely focuses on the most compelling dynamic in any market: Supply and Demand. Bell Curve’s statistical methodology visually and mathematically shows traders what the supply and demand profile is for any exchange traded market, in any time frame, by charting the distribution of trading volume over price and time. Bell Curve Trading adds value to traders and investors by:

  • Providing short, intermediate, and long term strategies in 40 global markets
  • Mapping out entry points, profit objectives, exit strategies, and risk management parameters
  • Reaffirming or challenging a directional bias, identifying when the market is at risk, and determining when to add or subtract from a core position
  • Requiring no subscription contract so we must prove our value every day

Bell Curve Trading System Free Trial: Each participant (who is not already a current subscriber) will be provided a free thirty-day trial of Bell Curve Trading’s system along with access to the Bell Curve Trading executive team for questions and training.