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Managed Futures Articles

What are Managed Futures?

Managed Futures is an alternative investment option that allows investors to allocate money to professional futures traders called Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). The futures markets are leveraged and can offer capital efficiency. Additionally, the futures markets include…

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What is a Commodity Trading Advisor?

Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) are professional investment managers, similar to portfolio managers in mutual funds, who seek to profit from movements in the global financial, commodity and currency markets by investing in exchange traded futures and options and OTC forward contracts.

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Managed Futures Portfolio Diversification

The losses experienced by traditional equity and bond portfolios in 2008 highlights the need, for investors, to expand into other asset classes that could have helped them mitigate their losses. 2008 was a year in which, irrespective of geography and industry, global equities behaved as…

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Managed Futures Glossary

Become familiar with the terms that are specific to investing in managed futures. These terms cover the basic understanding of managed futures, as well as a deeper dive of those terms associated with a commodity trading advisor (CTA).

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