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RJO Echo Trading is an innovative platform which enables traders (Echo Followers) to review the trade performance of influential traders (Echo Leaders) and subscribe to “echo” their trades. When an Echo Leader places a trade, Echo Followers receive the same fill price as the Echo Leader in real time. New and Existing RJO Futures clients are invited to sign up to add RJO Echo Trading to their account.

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If you lack experience or time to trade, become an RJO Echo Follower to add futures trading to your trading strategy by auto-matching the trades and performance of experienced traders (Echo Leaders). Echo Followers pay monthly subscription fees for each program followed (rates vary by Echo Leader).

Echo Followers can…

  • Eliminate the learning curve and time commitment of trading futures.
  • Create stop-losses and trailing stops to mitigate risk.
  • Get real-time updates on performance and trades from the RJO Echo Trading.
  • Enjoy access to experienced Echo Leaders to review and follow at any time.
  • Start and stop echoing Leaders at any time – with no commitment.

Getting started is easy!

  1. First, register on the Echo Trading Platform
  2. Then sign the Follower Agreement
  3. Open an Account (if you’re a new client)
  4. Review the Leaders (and rates) and select those you wish to follow.

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If you are a successful trader, consider becoming an Echo Leader to share your influence and trades on the RJO Echo Trading platform and get compensated for your trading prowess.

Echo Leaders can…

  • Trade either an automated trading strategy or discretionary strategy.
  • Choose the monthly rate for access to their trades and then simply begin trading.
  • Attract more subscribers with a successful trading track record and charge a higher rate.
  • Focus on trading – RJO Futures will take care of the client registration and billing process.

All Echo Leaders are vetted by RJO Futures. Every potential Leader’s historical track record is reviewed by RJO, and candidates undergo a 3-month trial period before officially becoming an Echo Leader.

Do you have what it takes to be an RJO Echo Leader?

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