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Welcome to RJO Futures University. We host a wide variety of online futures trading courses for everyone, from beginners to experts. This includes comprehensive futures market trading programs. For more than 100 years, RJO Futures has been teaching aspiring futures traders how to successfully learn and navigate the futures market, whether the conditions are fair or volatile. We help you manage both risk and reward. Our mission is to help traders who wish to learn how to successfully apply the same tools and techniques used by professional futures traders.

Introduction to Futures

Dive into the basics of futures contracts, how contracts trade on a futures exchange, the different ways customers use these instruments and the benefits that futures provide.

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Introduction to Options

Discover how options on futures from CME Group can help you mitigate downside risk and diversify your portfolio across major asset classes such as interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agriculture and metals.

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Introduction to Crude Oil

From West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to Brent and DME Oman, the crude oil market fuels many of the world’s leading economies and impact nearly every nation.

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What are Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin is a large portion of the growing digital asset market. Learn how BTC futures provide investors with transparency, price discovery and risk management capabilities.

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Understanding the role of Speculators

All types of speculators bring liquidity to the market place. Discover how providing liquidity is a crucial market function that enables individuals to easily enter or exit the market.

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What is an exercise price (strike)?

When an option is exercised, learn how this predetermined price is used to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) an underlying futures contract.

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Options on Futures vs. ETF’s

Purchasing ETF options is one way to gain leveraged exposure to the broad equity market, but savvy traders also understand that options on futures are another way to gain similar exposure to the same market.

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Understanding option contract details

How an option contract gains or loses value, and therefore creates a benefit to you as the holder of the option, is dependent on key option contract details. Understanding the key contract details is essential to determining how and when an option will meet your financial objectives.

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The benefits of Day Trading Futures

Missed opportunities can be costly, so we will look at some of the restrictions in the United States for day trading cash equity products and compare that to day trading with futures.

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Technical Patterns Reversal

Learn how technical analysts look at patterns in price to determine whether a trend will continue or if a reversal in trend is possible.

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Futures Spread Overview

In this lesson, we will look at the various types of spread trades, including the features that make them valuable strategies for both hedgers and speculators alike.

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Option strategies

Learn about common option strategies utilized by traders that express their view of market direction and expected volatility. Some option strategies are designed to mitigate risk while others are designed to profit by accepting risk. Whether you are hedging a position or speculating on market outcomes, these common option strategies should be understood.

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Comparing CTA Strategies

There are several ways for Commodity Trading Advisors to make money in the markets, but the two most common strategies fall under the categories of systematic and discretionary. While the purpose of this lesson is not to discuss which strategy is superior, investors in managed futures should have a good understanding of these two leading strategies employed by CTAs. Those new to managed futures should certainly comprehend the advantages and pit falls of each.

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Qualities of Successful Traders

Everyone is different, but certain qualities are common among all successful traders. Learn what those qualities are.

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Introduction to Equity Index Products

With a single transaction, investors can use index-based contracts to manage risk or seek profits based on whether they think the stock market will rise or fall. Learn the basics of these contracts, including what they are, how they’re built and how many ways you can use them.

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Introduction to Treasuries

Learn the basics behind trading Treasury futures, from the delivery process, contract specifications, key concepts like basis and Cheapest to Deliver (CTD) and more. Discover the different ways these contracts are used, from price discovery to risk management to profit speculation, and how they are intertwined with other financial markets like stocks and currencies.

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