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CME Group has launched CLP/USD futures so you can manage your LatAm exposure more accurately


CME Group has flipped their contract so you can take advantage of the American quoting convention – which provides optimal USD cash flow netting and makes it easier for all CME Group clients to participate. Get involved to access the Chilean growth story, gain exposure to its export-driven economy and diversify your LatAm portfolio with a strong commodity component

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This table is a translated view. 
Price translation CME= 15.173 ($0.0015173per CLP) is converted to OTC= 658.7181 (1/0.0015173)
Quantity translation CME 26 contracts is equal to OTC notional ~$2.0 million (26*CLP50,000,000*0.0015173 = $1.97mio)


Trade On CME Globex: CHP | On Bloomberg: PLCA | On Reuters: 0#1PHC:

Manage the margin demands on your capital through the netting and standardization of collateral solutions at CME Group, across all of your FX exposures.

Discover the opportunity you have been looking for, the depth you need and the capital and margin efficiencies you want.

It’s what you asked for.



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