There are common statements we hear from potential investors that keep them from participating in the futures markets.

“I don’t know anything about futures or how they can be an asset to my portfolio.”
“I trade futures on my own, but my emotions cause me to lose more than I want to.”
“I am just too busy to follow the markets.”
“I hear there are great opportunities in the futures markets, but I don’t know what markets to trade.”

If you have said or thought any of the above, there is a way to participate in the trending markets without knowing how to read a chart or knowing the difference between an Elliott Wave and a tidal wave. RJO Futures offers three valuable assets of knowledge, tools and time to those with the desire to trade.

After we get the answers to some very key questions, we can tailor make a trading program just for you. When we understand your risk tolerance and the amount of risk capital you wish to commit to this type of an investment, we can determine the program or trader that would be the best match for you.

We will provide you with a diversified list of programs to choose from to best suit your goals. Then sit back and let us do the execution for you. We will seize your trading opportunities. We can take the stress out of trading by telling you up front what we will be trading, what we expect from that trade, and how much money you are risking.

Call for your investment interview today. Don’t be on the sidelines watching market opportunities pass you by. Let us put you into the vehicle that fits you best and leave the driving to us.


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Laura Taylor

Senior Market Strategist

Laura began her career in the financial industry in 1981. In 1985 Laura and some former colleagues developed and organized a new IB division at Index Futures Group. With a partner, she named the division (Brokers Resource Corp.), developed the client base and supervised a staff that serviced guaranteed and non-guaranteed IBs located across the country. She developed the in-house procedures manual and conducted on-site compliance audits. I was also one of the original co-founders of the National IB Association (NIBA) and hosted the very first NIBA conference in Chicago. After Index Futures Group sold their IB division Laura stayed on to manage the new accounts department as vice president of operations and then became their director of compliance. In 1996, as part of ED&F Man, Laura decided to venture into a new role in the commodity industry by putting her AP license to work by developing a client base as a commodities broker. Laura joined RJO Futures in 2011 where she enjoys being a senior commodities broker assisting clients with their trading decisions, the execution of their trades and specializing in automated trading for newsletter and hotline subscribers.

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