Mar ’20 coffee futures have started the day with prices falling down even further form those mid-December highs as traders search for a sign of the bottom. At this point we are in oversold territory but trends in coffee can be relentless once a direction has been picked. Prices at the time of writing have reached what could be a solid support point on the daily chart that also matches a trend line of coffee lows going back to September. I wouldn’t be surprised if prices push lower and test 108’00 which looks to be a hard support level, but I think a corrective bounce at these prices is likely and I could see bears seeking to take profit as coffee begins to approach bargain prices again. To opportunistic bulls I would say keep a close eye on this market now as there could be a technical rally worth acting on in the near-future. However, should you act on the long side of coffee I’d be cautious about overstaying your welcome as the recent fundamentals have been bearish with a supply surge and the big money will keep selling this market down as far as it can take it. **For a free consultation call my direct line at (312) 373-4875** you may also send me an email at

Eric Scoles

Eric entered the workforce during the summer of 2007 as an apprentice tradesman just before the big crash and recession which followed. The impact of which strongly inspired his interest in the financial industry and began him as a student of the markets. Eric worked throughout the following years developing strong communication skills and risk management practices in the aviation and marketing industries before ultimately getting licensed and turning his passion into a career as a market strategist with RJO Futures.