Front month July silver is up 40-cents on the day to 18.36 at the time of this writing. In my opinion, there are two main factors driving silver. One is the optimism on re-opening the economy, and the other is the tension between U.S. and China over Hong Kong. As you can see the chart below, silver is continuing to outperform gold on recovery bounce. Silver posted positive price action and is looking to close up for the week yet again. All this optimism is good. Silver still has to contend with deflationary type of fear down the road as the Fed is pushing rates into negative territory where they will probably stay for a while.

From technical prospective, the weekly chart in silver is looking to continue to make new highs. In my view,silver will see 20.00 dollar before it sees 15.00. In other words, the drive will likely have silver go higher before any major corrective price action.

Gold/Silver Ratio Daily Chart

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