Stocks fell lower once again on Tuesday morning, and it looks like the Dow Jones is going to close Q1 with its worst first quarter record loss of all-time. As it stands right now, the Dow Jones will head into the final session of the quarter down a whopping 21.8% from its December high. However, as has been the case for this whole virus induced downturn, the Dow isn’t the only one reeling. The S&P 500 led the way this morning with a .5% loss, followed by the Dow -.4%, and the Nasdaq at -.3%. A partial reason the Nasdaq suffered was less a sizeable boom by airline giant American Airlines, whose shares went up 5% after the Department of Transportation said it would ease the requirements for coronavirus relief.

Speaking of coronavirus, it’s all beginning to eerily feel like a movie. President Trump announced Sunday that the country would remain, “locked down”, for lack of a better term, until at least April 30th. He previously stated he wanted to country reopened by Easter, but many experts agreed that would have been far too early. Along with orders at the federal level, many states have shut down too, with Virginia being the latest. That brings the total to 30 states, equivalent to about 2/3 the population of the entire country. Death tolls are also continuing to rise at what is seemingly an exponential rate, we currently sit at 3000 coronavirus related deaths, which is 2,000 more than the 1,000 reported on March 26th. We are living in unprecedented times and we urge everybody to avoid large groups to the best of their abilities and stay safe. Stay tuned for updates.

RJOF Editorial Team