With science and the health industry slowly getting a better understanding and grip on coronavirus, the spreading and number of cases in beginning to slow. Deaths have officially topped the 1,000-body mark, but the virus still appears to be slowing. China confirmed 2,478 new cases on Monday, which sounds like a lot, but is actually the smallest increase the country has seen since January 31.

All this bodes well for U.S. stock futures as S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones Futures all rose in the early morning trade Tuesday. This recent stock market rally is powered by the aforementioned slowing of the coronavirus, but also by the run of big tech companies. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon all were up early Tuesday with Microsoft even passing Apple’s market cap. All in all, Microsoft and Amazon were both up about 1% pre-open Tuesday morning with Apple and Google up marginally less. If these tech giants can keep the momentum, some good things may be in store for investors.

RJOF Editorial Team