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Below are today’s daily pivot points for December S&P, November Soybeans, December Gold, and December 30yr bond. If you are unfamiliar with pivot points, please take a peek at last week’s article outlining their importance.

S&P E-Mini Dec ’18 Pivot

PP – 2918.50

S1- 2901.00

S2 – 2890.00

R1 – 2929.50

R2 – 2947.00


Soybeans Nov ’18 Pivot

PP – 849 ¾

S1 – 845 ½

S2 – 841 ½

R1 – 853 ¾

R2 – 858


Gold Dec ’18 Pivot

PP – 1200.10

S1 – 1193.10

S2 – 1187.70

R1 – 1205.40

R2 – 1212.30


30-Yr Bond Dec ’18 Pivot

 PP – 14013

S1 – 14003

S2 – 13916

R1 – 14031

R2 – 14110

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Frank D. Cholly

Senior Market Strategist
<p>Frank has been involved in many aspects of the futures business, from taking and placing orders to providing high-quality order execution service. As a second-generation participant in markets at the Chicago Board of Trade, Frank spent his early years working in the Treasury bond pit servicing both institutional and retail clients. He then expanded his brokerage duties and began covering a wide range of markets, including stock index, metals, grains and the balance of the interest rate sector. Ultimately, he turned his full-time focus to the grain market, dealing primarily with proprietary and commercial business. Frank was a senior commodities broker at Lind-Waldock prior to joining RJO Futures in 2011.</p>
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